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Thinking Outside the Box!

blog coverLooking for an easy way to dress up your event but not sure where to start? We find that sometimes the simplest solution for adding something special to your event is right underneath our nose… or wrapped around our chairs.

Linen is a great way to bring a bit of color and drama to the feel of your event. But have you thought about your options beyond table coverings or draping? Chair Bows and Table Runners traditionally are great extras you can add to your celebration to change things up a bit. However, there are several uses and techniques you can utilize with these items to take your décor to the next level.

Table runners are very versatile in their uses and have a lot of applications beyond just setting on the table. Because there is more fabric with a table runner than with a chair bow it gives you flexibility in application. You have the ability to use intricate knots, layering and enhancements because it won’t overpower the fabric being used.
Table runners are also a great way to enhance the table décor itself. Whether casually draped or expertly gathered to enhance décor pieces, a table runner lends itself to bold statements of texture and color on the table.

Chair bows have many uses beyond accenting your guests’ seats. With the minimized profile, chairs bows are a great way to secure other fabric treatments without stealing the show. With a more than floor length linen on a bar height table, a chair bow can bring fashion and function to your event with interesting silhouettes ensuring the table linen is not a trip hazard. They can also secure other fabric treatments creating a dramatic entrance or stage presence, perfectly accenting the primary fabric.

Another interesting use for chair bows is a table runner. Because the linen is narrower than a typical table runner, it gives you the chance to create multiple layers and patterns on your linen
without overwhelming the space. This is a great way to dress up and customize your table setting to give a look that is truly unique.

These options are just a few to get your ideas flowing, you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to using these items to fit your needs. If you need any guidance or would like to see your vision come to life, our expert coordinators are on hand to ensure you are getting what you are looking for and that it fits into the space you have.