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So,you think you want a tent wedding!?

We love that idea! Tents are a great way to have a truly unique wedding day experience as you are getting a venue that no-one else will have. There are several factors to consider early on when planning for a tented reception as it takes a lot more than just putting a few poles together and covering with a top to give you the venue of your dreams.

One of the major factors to consider first is your space. Where are you going to put this tent? Will it be enough space to house everything you need?

Basic space considerations would be: the tent (and stake lines if necessary), tables, chairs, dancefloor, restroom trailers, parking for guests and vendors, catering equipment… the list could go on depending on different activities you want to have. It can be an overwhelming experience to try to plan all of this out on your own. That’s why we recommend having a site visit with one of our professional event coordinators to see your space and get a sense of what your vision is for your wedding day. They can give you recommendations on-site as well as assist you visually with a CAD drawing of your overall layout. We recommend getting your site visit in when you are first starting to plan to make entire the process less hectic on you.

Another consideration of the tent is flooring. There a few options when it comes to flooring: leaving the grass exposed throughout, flooring just the dance floor or flooring underneath the entirety of the tent. Keep in mind that if you leave some natural landscaping exposed you run the risk of tables, chairs or high heels sinking depending on the moisture of the ground.

Speaking of exposed to the elements, sidewalls are another consideration. Tents do not automatically come with the walls but can be strategically placed to protect as much or as little of your interior. It’s not usually something you think about until you see all of your hand-scripted escort cards scattered along the grass because a gust of wind came through the tent!

Sidewalls also come into play when thinking about your heating and cooling needs. Depending on the time of year you choose (and we know this Midwest weather can change in the blink of an eye) you will want to have a plan to either heat or cool your tent as necessary. Sidewalls help keep the interior of the tent at the desired temperature but don’t feel like you have to lose the outdoor feeling by covering all sides in the flat white sidewall. We have options available that have windows and doors built into the sidewalls to allow the nature to come in without being exposed to the elements.

Finally, make sure to bring your personality into the space; one of the greatest reasons to host your event in a tent is the ability to make it look how you want. With fabric treatments, custom lighting and adaptable décor options we can give you the look you want in a space that is unlike any other.

These are just a few considerations to get you started in the planning process. Don’t be afraid to ask one our dedicated coordinators for suggestions on how to achieve your vision and flawlessly execute the plan you put in place!