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Specialty Tents

Liri Tent for PGA (26)
Liri Tent for PGA (27)
Liri Tent for PGA (14)


With the same considerations for safety, quality and economy as our traditional tents, our line of specialty tents offer versatility and unique profiles to your events. Our Double Decker products allow for 200% space utilization when vertical clearance is not a concern. Our EBT products allow for large runs of space to be covered reaching distances of 100m or more. These products are great for long term rentals, their Kedered roof fabric and sidewalls provide weather tight coverings without lace lines or rain flaps.


  • Interchangeable components within each series
  • Engineered tent structure
  • Top resists mildew & UV deterioration
  • No interior poles, open gable design


  • Anodized four channel aluminum
  • Galvanized steel connection pieces
  • Drop-in roof and eave purlins
  • Adjustable base plates
  • No interior eave cables on standard gable configurations
  • No exterior guy lines or staking required