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Frame Tents

This is a traditional free standing aluminum structure with no center poles. This allows for optimum interior space. The tops are made with a durable high polished 16 oz. vinyl laminate. We have invested in the latest technology to keep our tops clean and bright. Most of our tent tops are expandable in 10 foot sections to give you the versatility to expand the tent size to a desired length. The frame system is a rigid structure with aluminum tent pipes and galvanized steel connectors. The traditional frame tents can be secured with tent stakes, anchors, or weights.

•Rigid framework – assembles easily
•No internal poles – maximum interior space
•Expandable design. – Interchangeable components
•Lightweight – versatile
•Can be installed with stakes or weights
•Can be installed remotely & walked into place
•Sidepoles can be relocated if necessary
•Liners are available for most sizes

•Limited Riging Capacity
•Not Engineered – Limited wind loads
•Costs more to rent than a pole tent


Widths: 10’, 15’, 20’, 30’, and 40’
Tent Vinyl: first quality 16oz Blackout Laminated
– Fabric certified flame retardant
– 1” heat sealed overlap seams
– Top is 95% heat sealed
Frame: round aluminum pipe & tubing
– Galvanized steel fittings
Expandable middles
– sections with lace and grommet connection
Standard pitch 2:1• Standard perimeter rope attached for hanging sidewalls

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