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Plan Event

Helpful Tips to Plan Your Event

There are many things to consider when having an event like…

What size tent do I need?

What style of tent?

What type of tables or chairs?

What is the access?

Do I need sidewalls?

Decor or Centerpieces ?

Do I need buffet tables?

PA Systems?

Do I need lighting?

Permits or Licenses?

Do I need heat or A/C?

Do I need extra power?

What type of furniture looks best?

Do I need to call Dig Rite?

Which equipment is set up included?


And A lot more


See below our seating chart. The numbers in the three columns on the right is approximate people based on your seating capacity. This will tell you the  configuration for the approximate tent size needed. You might also need extra space for a dance floor, stage, buffet tables, etc

Tent DimensionsSquare FootageAuditorium StyleBanquet TablesRound Tables
20 x 20400653630
20 x 30600985448
20 x 408001307265
30 x 309001509075
30 x 451350225135113
30 x 601800300180150
40 x 401600265150130
40 x 602400400225200
40 x 803200530300260
60 x 603600600330300
60 x 905400900500450
60 x 12072001200660600