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Manhattan Wedding

I am so proud of our rental and catering team in their ability to come together to accomplish what was one of the largest and most logistically challenging weddings we have executed.
Some of the challenges we faced:
While installing we learned that the parking lot where we were building a mega ballroom was not owned by the Kansas State Alumni Center. Since it was not owned by the alumni center it then fell under the jurisdiction of the University, and moving stored equipment.

The tent was an 82 x 100 clearspan dressed with a liner. We built our liner to fit the tent based on the placement of the lighting trusses that were specified for us. After the trusses had been placed and the liner was installed on Thursday we learned that the trusses were in fact not in the place they were originally intended to be. We had to react quickly and send in a team of sewer’s and sewing machines to remove the liner on Friday, and re- install it. They also had to manufacture several new liners for smaller tents that needed to be added to appease the fire inspector.