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Draft Day at Arrowhead

2016 Chiefs Draft Party

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Draft Day at Arrowhead

For the past 25 years, we have been honored to have been a part of the many exciting events taking place at Arrowhead Stadium as the exclusive rental provider. From the Sunday tailgates, to fan appreciation events, summer concerts and more we have been a part of some the most memorable moments in Kansas City.

One of those memorable moments came this week with the annual Draft Day Party. This event is one of the most anticipated times for Kansas City football fans, as they gather at Arrowhead Stadium in the practice facility to watch the NFL Draft and anticipate the new talent coming to their team. It's a night filled with excitement and suspense, this year's event was no exception to that.

The fun and excitement for the All Seasons team starts before the event begins as we develop our "game-day" strategy to ensure a successful event. We coordinate with the Arrowhead staff several weeks prior to the event to ensure that everything is where it needs to be before fans start arriving. Our crews spend the better part of two days loading in and setting-up thousands of chairs, multiple stages, several hundred tables and linens for guests to enjoy the festivities from and ensure the entire event is a success.

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