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Celebration at the Station

"Celebration at the Station" by KC Symphony

Every year, Kansas City families and friends gather at Union Station and the Liberty Memorial for the summer kick-off event, Celebration at the Station. We have been fortunate to have been a partner of this much anticipated event for several years. Every year brings its own set of details that require careful planning and execution by everyone on our team.

Usually, the forecast is a concern given the unpredictability of the Midwest weather. May was an especially rainy month so we were watching the weather tracker hour by hour trying to ensure the safety of our crews and the other vendors who were setting up with us. Luckily, we wrapped up our set-up on Friday just as the rain started to come down. Our crews were back at it on Saturday and Sunday putting the finishing touches on the 21 tents, more than 130 tables with coverings, almost 1,500 chairs, more than 650 feet of picket fencing and numerous strands of lights.

Another unique challenge for this year’s event was the change in configuration at the event site. Union Station is undergoing major renovations, some of those taking place to the front parking lot where this event is set. With those renovations, we had to pay extra attention to the schedule of all vendors as an egress drive was removed leaving one entrance and exit point for the parking lot. This becomes a challenge with multiple vendors trying to bring in semi-trucks full of equipment into the same space. By working with the team of vendors, we were able to develop a detailed schedule allowing for smooth delivery and set-up of the needed equipment to make this event a success.

Every year, we are amazed at the entire experience of this event. From the various performances, to the food trucks and the family friendly activities, there is something for everyone to enjoy before the outstanding concert and fireworks display. Thanks to our careful planning with the client, open communication with the other vendors and the dedication of our on-site crews we were able to execute an event set-up that met the needs of the client and ensured an enjoyable experience for all those in attendance. 

We are proud to be a part of this and so many other Kansas City traditions, give us a call to find out how we can support your event needs!

vip village

VIP Village- Including the massive Saddlespan which sits at an impressive 60’x81’, we also set-up various other tents to support the different needs of Celebration at the Station. Other structures on site include a 40’x40 Frame Tent, 40’x80’ Frame Tent, 20’x80’ Frame Tent, (2) 20’x40’ Frame Tent, (7) 10’x10’ Frame Tents, (30 15’x15’ Frame Tents, (2) 20’x20’ Frame Tents and (3) 10’x20’ Frame Tents. All of these structures are carefully configured to provide the necessary protection for the items under the tent while still giving a feeling of openness to the event.

saddlespan in construction

Saddlespan in construction- With the framework in place, crews can begin the building of the stage for the symphony performers.

2009 Saddlespan-2

Saddlespan- Showing off its style and function, our beautiful Saddlespan structure provides the perfect stage for the Kansas City Symphony performers. This unique structure is designed specifically to project the sound out creating a better audience experience. Once construction begins, it takes approximately four hours to get the structure itself in place and requires the use of an all-terrain lift to maneuver the framework to the precise angels needed to secure the structure. Water cages and concrete barriers are then used as weights, ensuring the stability of the structure and all of the lighting/sound equipment that will be secured to it.