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Dome Double Decker

First Name Last Name Email Phone Company Questions or Comments: Description The Double Decker features structures with widths of 20m to 30m or 66ft to 100ft wide. The side height for each level is 4m or 13ft. This allows for spectacular viewing. This structure can be used for temporary or permanent buildings and is widely…

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New Post

SO YOU THINK YOU WANT A TENT WEDDING? We love that idea! Tents are a great way to have a truly unique wedding day experience as you are getting a venue that no-one else will have. There are several factors to consider early on when planning for a tented reception as it takes a lot…

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Manhattan Wedding

I am so proud of our rental and catering team in their ability to come together to accomplish what was one of the largest and most logistically challenging weddings we have executed. Some of the challenges we faced: While installing we learned that the parking lot where we were building a mega ballroom was not…

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